Retired CEO, History Aficionado Weaves Knowledge and Intrigue into Third Novel

Retired CEO, History Aficionado Weaves Knowledge and Intrigue into Third Novel

Tim Norbeck

Almost Heaven

Almost Heaven shines a light on World War II veteran who settles in West Virginia

BONITA SPRINGS, FLORIDA, USA, March 27, 2023/ — Tim Norbeck, the retired CEO of a national healthcare-related foundation, has released his third novel, Almost Heaven, available on Amazon.

Almost Heaven focuses on World War II veteran Jack Morgan who returns to his hometown from the battlefield, desolate from the trauma of the war which is compounded by the sudden and unexpected divorce from his wife, who left without a trace with their young son.

Jack finds a job as a teacher and football coach at a high school in West Virginia and moves there from his hometown of Buffalo, New York, with his sister Nellie, a nurse. The two become mentors to a host of community members in need and are eventually lauded for their compassion and service by townsfolk.

Norbeck is a history aficionado, and his story of Jack and Nellie is rich with historically accurate anecdotes and information on everything from the war and its various battles to key historical moments from the mid-1940s to the early 1980s in America. Readers will learn about critical moments from as far back as the country’s founding, to more recent race relations, politics, and even baseball.

Almost Heaven takes the reader back in time, offering a tale of compassion and giving which centers around Jack, Nellie and the people they surround themselves with, and it gives a wonderful and historical view of the United States in that time–in its glory and its devastations.

Norbeck’s first novel, Two Minutes, was published in 2018, and his second, No Time for Mercy, was released in June 2022.

Before he retired in 2020 and began writing fiction, Norbeck had a successful career in healthcare for 53 years. He is recognized for having significant expertise on many issues impacting America’s healthcare system. His numerous writings, articles, and speeches have appeared in a variety of industry-related and other publications including periodic blogs for and Vital Speeches.

A Buffalo, New York, native who also spent more than 30 years in Connecticut as the state medical society’s CEO, Norbeck is a 1960 graduate of Hamilton College. He is an avid tennis player and lives with his wife, Michele, and rescue dog, Trouper, in Bonita Springs, Florida.
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