Houston Based Crank Case Brings Decades of Experience to the Stage

Houston Based Crank Case Brings Decades of Experience to the Stage

Houston Band Crank Case members (left) Chris Harris, Shawn Hamilton, Leo Garza, (front) Jason Rhoads, and Jim Lamanna.

Influenced by punk-rock legends Social Distortion & Ramones to rock icons KISS, GnR & AC/DC, Houston band Crank Case has been making #originalmusic since 2006.

HOUSTON, TX, USA, March 27, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Houston is well known for its local music scene, and Crank Case, led by Shawn Hamilton, is no stranger. Their sound has many influences from punk-rock legends Social Distortion and the Ramones to Rock and Roll Hall of Famers KISS, Guns N’ Roses, and AC/DC.

This local rock band has been making music since 2006.

The band, whose name was inspired by old hot rods and greasers, has released 5 albums since then and Hamilton, along with 2 of the band’s founders, is still tearing it up. The band is comprised of original members Shawn Hamilton delivering Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, with Lead Guitarist Chris Harris and Vocalist Jim Lamanna. The current lineup now includes Bass Guitarist and Vocalist Jason Rhoads and Drummer Leo Garza.

Over the years Crank Case has played hundreds of shows at venues like BFE, Acadia, The 19th Hole, Concert Pub North, Wildcatters Saloon, Numbers, Warehouse Live, and House of Blues. They were also the highest ticket-selling local artist at the 2008 Rock the Bayou festival. They have performed with Wide Open Throttle at the annual Toys for Tots Christmas show for roughly the last 10 years. Notable bands they have had the honor to open for include Faster Pussycat, Alice Cooper, Sammy Hagar, Skid Row, Dangerous Toys, and so many more.

“I would say my earliest influence into music was my oldest brother had a small acoustic he played as well as my great uncles having fireside sing-a-longs”, said Hamilton. “Today’s struggle is the lack of support for original artists. That hasn’t kept us from writing, but it’s made us adapt some of our shows to fit.”

Shawn’s musical career began 40 years ago as a teenager. Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, his early musical influence came from artists like the Family, Beatles, Brian May, Adrian Vandenburg, and Randy Rhoads. When he was 15, his family moved to Amarillo, Texas and he started playing guitar with some high school friends which started his passion. At the age of 17, he wrote his first song. Singing lead vocals didn’t come until 1993 just prior to relocating to Houston, Texas. Before forming Crank Case, Hamilton played with several bands like Sixx Gunn Sally, Bang Gang, Grady’s TV, In Debt, and Something Obnoxious.

When asked about the first song they ever completed as a band, he had to think for a minute before saying, “Guess. I am pretty sure it was Guess, and our first cover song was Ring of Fire.” Both songs can be found on their first release in 2007, the self-titled album Crank Case.

Mean Machine, their full-length follow up was released in 2011 and features hits like the dark and poignant tracks “Laughing at Me” and “Cycle”, to the lighter upbeat melody of “American Girl”, this album will have you singing along and hit you right in the feels.

The third album release in 2015, Moonshine Hill, includes fan favorites “Overdrive”, “All We Knew” and the provoking “Tip of a Gun”. One year later for the band’s 10th anniversary, they released Under the Covers, a collection of cover songs by the artists who influenced the band the most.

Their most recent release in 2019, Run You Down, continues to deliver their signature style; solid songs that reach both ends of the emotional spectrum. The first track, “Gasoline” is a fast-paced rock song, followed by the haunting tune “Never”. The LP is rounded out by the uplifting song “Gift”, saying ‘Living life is a mystery / to see where you’re from and who you’ll be / every day we wake is a gift of time’. Indeed, it is.

Their music is found on ReverbNation, CD Baby, Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon. The band is currently focused on writing music and expects to release a new single in late 2023. Visit www.crank-case.com or shawn-hamilton.com for booking information. #PressRelease #houstonmusic #rocknroll

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