Local conservancy rescues an injured bald eagle that escaped from its crate

Local conservancy rescues an injured bald eagle that escaped from its crate
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Bird of Prey Conservancy, Last Chance Forever, posted on its Facebook page that a bald eagle escaped from its cage and during a transfer Monday night and flew away.

The full adult eagle was being moved to the conservancy for treatment for a broken left leg. The eagle was still able to stand and fly.

The conservancy made a public appeal for residents to provide any any information to help locate the eagle.

The appeal was met on Tuesday. The eagle was found safe at at baseball field on the city’s North Side Tuesday morning.

Staff members for the conservancy were able to recapture the eagle and take it back to its facility on 311 E. North Loop Rd.

Last Chance Forever has worked for more than 40 years to care for sick, injured or orphaned birds of prey and return them to natural habitats.

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