Gas Producers and Consumers will need System Flexibility to Succeed in Future Markets

Gas Producers and Consumers will need System Flexibility to Succeed in Future Markets

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2022 / — A new whitepaper from Chartis Research in partnership with Enuit LLC details the future of gas, saying that system flexibility is vital for success. The report discusses how geopolitical and other forces are reshaping demand for gas, creating more fragmented complex markets. As producers and consumers reevaluate their long-term strategies, they will need greater flexibility in their technology tools – especially data, analytics, workflow and pricing engines.

Global market forces are posing a major reconstruction challenge to the global natural gas industry. The ongoing war in Ukraine has had an extraordinary effect on both supply and demand, leading many companies into uncertainty about their future strategy as they struggle with rapidly changing conditions that can quickly go from good fortune to expensive regret if not properly managed. With so much change happening all around them every day, it’s crucial for producers/consumers alike to maintain flexibility through software solutions that support multiple commodities regardless of what happens locally or even internationally.

Due to recent market volatility and heightened scrutiny on the functioning of gas markets, firms must be flexible when it comes time for them to build out Risk Management capabilities. Firms that can adapt their risk management tools in order to meet changing conditions are likely going come out ahead over those without such capability.

The paper explores how shifting demand created by geopolitical forces is leading to more complex and fragmented markets – which creates a greater need for system flexibility. Producers and consumers who want to succeed in this environment must have the agility to rapidly adapt to change, something Enuit’s software solutions is said to provide. To find out more about their offerings and how they can help you stay ahead of the curve, contact them today!

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