City Council selects three candidates to interview for District 10 council seat on Thursday

City Council selects three candidates to interview for District 10 council seat on Thursday 0 0/resize/792x528!/quality/90/?url=

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City Council selected three applicants on Wednesday to interview for the interim District 10 council position left open after Clayton Perry took a leave of absence following an alleged hit-and-run where he may have been inebriated.

The city council selected Michael Gallagher, Jose Garcia, and Pauline Rubio to be interviewed Thursday in a public session. After the interviews, the council will vote to appoint one of them to the temporary position. That will last until Perry returns or until the end of the term next June.

Both Gallagher and Garcia emphasized continuity and a smooth transition, and Rubio said her deep experience in public policy prepared her to take on the role.

Gallagher served as District 10 San Antonio city council member between 2014 and 2017, Garcia previously served on the Victoria city council, and Rubio has worked in the U.S. Congress as a district representative and local chambers of commerce.

Perry took his leave of absence after he was charged for DWI and failing to stop and exchange information over a November 6 crash.

Days later, police body camera footage was released that showed Perry laying in his backyard in the middle of the night, appearing to be inebriated as he spoke to the officer.

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