Dallas County DA Lifts Controversial Theft Policy

Dallas County DA Lifts Controversial Theft Policy

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF) – The Dallas County District Attorney announced on Monday that he is lifting a controversial theft policy.

“One policy of my first term was not prosecuting the theft of necessary items like food, diapers, or baby formula that amounts between $100 and $750 unless evidence shows the theft was for economic gain,” said Creuzot. “This policy targets a very narrow class of offense and was instituted in an effort to decriminalize poverty, but instead, the policy has been misrepresented and politicized, and those who have done that have created a sense of mistrust about this office. Keep in mind, thefts under $100 are Class C Misdemeanors and do not come to the DA’s office, rather they are handled in Municipal Court.”

Creuzot said the policy has led to his office being unfairly accused of allowing the thefts of televisions, motorcycles, and catalytic converters. He called the accusations false.

“With all of this in mind, during the campaign, I made a pledge to revisit this policy if re-elected,” said Creuzot. “Through data analysis and conversations with community organizations, retailers, and independent loss prevention specialists, I found the policy had zero effect on crime in the county – positive or negative. I have come to the understanding that this policy is more aspirational than realistic and rather than helping those in need, I have watched that population, and primarily people of color, be blamed for a rise in crime.”

The policy change was effective immediately, according to Creuzot.

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