Colombian gov´t, ELN long for moving on peace process

Colombian gov´t, ELN long for moving on peace process

In a joint statement released at the end of the meeting, participants said they had optimism, certainty and hope to resume talks with full political and ethical willingness. They expressed their commitment to build peace based on a democracy with justice and tangible, pressing and necessary changes, as well as to give the greatest possible and effective participation of society, with priority to the historically-marginalized and -abandoned sectors.

Negotiators expressed their desire to build up a future with dignity, full rights and authentic democracy, so that Colombia may become power for human life and care for the commons.

They also expressed their gratitude for the persistence, commitment and presence in this meeting “of reason and dreams” of guarantor countries such as Cuba, the Kingdom of Norway and Venezuela, as well as the UN Verification Mission in Colombia and the Catholic Church.


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