Women Against Registry Offers A Solution to the Hiring Problem

Women Against Registry Offers A Solution to the Hiring Problem

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I Need a Job!

How do we find the Road To Redemption?

We Are Hiring, But Not You!

The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.”

— Oscar Wilde

ARNOLD, MO, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — How many times in recent months have we driven or walked past a business, whether it be a restaurant, auto repair shop, dental office, big box store, or bakery to name a few displaying a ‘Hiring’ or ‘Help Wanted’ sign on the door or window? Even on major highways and byways, we see billboard verbiage pleading for employees. How many weeks have we read through a newspaper and scanned page after page of job opportunities?

Some have been incentivized by the jawboning reelection politicians to pass on earning a living and just sit back, relax and have a drink. Oddly enough we have heard less blowback about that than wiping out student loan debt.

According to Vicki Henry, President of Women Against Registry, “The despicable thing about the hiring issue is there are many men and women who have been hired and then fired and walked out the door when the owner or manager learns they are a man or woman required to register for one of the hundreds of laws regarding sexual offenses”.

Those and other felons have to, as the song goes, ‘walk on by’! No earning a decent living for you. An estimated 19 million, currently or formerly incarcerated human beings deal with the collateral consequences of a felony conviction, and an estimated 100 million have a criminal record of some kind. Why do we as an industrialized nation set people up to fail by excluding those with a felony record?

Vicki Henry says, “Take for example the spokesperson for the Florida petition on voting started by saying the women were fine with all but people with a prior sexual offense or a murder conviction, voting. Oddly enough both of those have the lowest recidivism (re-offense) rates which speak to selective redemption.”

The solution to cold restaurant food, long lines and waiting lists is simple: redemption, forgiveness, restoration and reducing the punitive punishment brought on by exclusion.

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