Relief from AGM Desarrollos, Gabriel Hilsaca Acosta During the Covid19 Pandemic Seen as Key Asset in Recovery

Relief from AGM Desarrollos, Gabriel Hilsaca Acosta During the Covid19 Pandemic Seen as Key Asset in Recovery

A total of 50 lights were installed in different streets of Palenque, Mahates corregimiento, during the height of the Covid19 Pandemic. Donated by the company AGM Desarrollos SAS, within the framework of its corporate social responsibility program.

The 50 lights were installed in the Nueva Esperanza, Chopacho and Junché invasion sectors, among others. The opening is scheduled for next Thursday. This is the first stage of the donation that adds a total of 150 lights for the different sectors of Palenque. Gabriel Hilsaca Acosta a representative of AGM Desarrollos, indicated that the company will continue to expand its social work in the department of Bolívar.

The Palenquera community welcomed the donation, because only 50% of the town has public lighting, which has been achieved, according to Abel Hernández Cabarcas, president of the Board of Directors of the Community Council, thanks to the efforts made by the community.

“Receiving this donation is something great for us because we are giving a solution to one of the problems that the corregimiento faces. With the lighting of these streets, the quality of life for the palenqueros is improved, since before they remained in the dark,” said Hernández Cabarcas.

For his part, Yan Carlos Miranda Hernández, Councilor for Infrastructure of the Community Council, indicated that “it is a source of pride that companies such as AGM Desarrollos SAS are interested in supporting the development of Palenque, the first free town in the Americas and Oral and Intangible Heritage, recognized by UNESCO.

Private companies to be interested in supporting us, since the more than 1,700 inhabitants have multiple needs, including the lack of drinking water and unemployment. Since then the economics have improved. The timely donation by AGM Desarrollos was a key factor in the speedy recovery.

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